As I painstakingly make my way toward the finish line, I have realized that writing documentation, reviewing and general testing and maintenance are harder than actually coding, HA! I remember when I had to write thousands of words on a whim in school, just because the teacher felt we needed more practice.

With that out of the way, I am making some progress with AdVert for WordPress. I still have a few bugs to squash, need to get the website tailored to display AdVert in all its glory, and continue updating the documentation for AdVert. I will be testing AdVert on a few sites I manage, to see how its does on live sites.

A little bit of a teaser for any that are interested in AdVert for WordPress:

  • You can use this with your current cache plugins like W3 Total Cache
  • Detect visitors┬áthat block ads
  • Get feedback from visitors (for example: whether they like or dislike particular ads)
  • Designed to work with almost any theme
  • Includes a robust Analysis tool

There are a lot more features that AdVert can do, but the biggest feature I want to mention:

AdVert is Free – no pro version, upgrades or add on purchases will be a part of AdVert.


Stay tuned and get ready to tell others about AdVert for WordPress


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