AdVert has been submitted to WordPress

Yesterday, I submitted AdVert for initial review. This is my first time submitting a plugin to WordPress, so without any expectations, they went ahead and set aside the url for AdVert. There are a number of plugins in the queue and AdVert is another number for the people reviewing plugins.

I received my first reply a few hours later (which was awesome, I wasn’t expecting that type of turn around) with a few issues they noticed or caught by a plugin sniffer. Either way, I’m glad they make an attempt to check plugins and help out plugin authors so their plugins are available to the masses.

There are even more features packed into AdVert now, including the ability to pause campaigns, let editors stop ads for a particular post or page, turn off ads by post type, allow only certain types of pricing models. There are many other features embedded in AdVert that will hopefully make advertising on WordPress simpler, so sites using WordPress can focus more on content then actual advertising. If the site needs someone to focus on the advertising side, then they can assign an AdVert Manager to do just that.

Anyways, I have replied and waiting on a response from WordPress. Hopefully not too much longer until it becomes available in the plugin directory.

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