AdVert is now on WordPress

After many months of testing, configuring and more testing and configuring AdVert has now launched on WordPress! If you aren’t aware, AdVert is an advertising placement service for WordPress and designed for publishers that want to display text, video or image advertisements. In addition, you can also insert code for ad and affiliate networks, assign an AdVert manager to manage your day-to-day operations and allow subscribers to become advertisers. There are tons of options to control your advertising process, analysis to view performance and integration with PayPal so your advertisers can buy AdCredits to start advertising.

Setting all the features aside, I hope the best feature you find to be the most valuable: AdVert is Free.

Features other plugins charge for that AdVert can do for free

  • Multisite install: Yes
  • Cross site advertising: Yes
  • Weight: Yes
  • Schedule: Yes
  • Limit Impressions: Yes
  • Prevent Spammed Clicks: Yes
  • Analysis (all users): Yes
  • Export Analysis (csv): Yes
  • Track clicks on iframes: Yes
  • Backend dashboard (all users): Yes
  • Dashboard notifications: Yes
  • Email notifications: Yes
  • Have actual advertisers create ads: Yes
  • Adblock detection: Yes
  • Encrypted ad links: Yes
  • Ad feedback: Yes
  • Work with cache plugins: Yes

Even more features

  • Click and Impression tracking
  • Detailed and robust analysis tool
  • Display a custom message for empty Ad Locations
  • Group Advertisements into Campaigns
  • Virtually an unlimited number of advertisements can be displayed, created and managed
  • Use Widgets and Shortcodes to display ads
  • Lock rates
  • Designed to work with almost any theme
  • Designed to work with multiple currencies
  • Registered advertisers can purchase AdCredits automatically
  • Registered advertisers can create their own advertisement and campaigns
  • Designed to for desktop, mobile and tablets
  • Includes a default payment method
  • Assign AdVert managers to control your advertisements
  • Standard Locations preinstalled
  • Let Advertisers view analysis (no more worrying about sending emails about performance)
  • Payment hooks for developers to create their own payment methods
  • Display a custom message to visitors blocking ads
  • Disable Ad tracking for logged in users
  • Self-hosted ads (removes the middle man – image, video or text)
  • View transaction history
  • Onscreen help tabs
  • Translation ready
  • Schedule campaigns to start or stop
  • Multiple pricing models
  • Bot filtering


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